Homework is written daily in the students' notebooks. Notices are also pasted there, so parents are asked to check this weekly.

  Parents are requested to provide an email address to send notifications and reminders.

  If you change your mobile phone number please inform me immediately as I send urgent information such as class cancellation via SMS.

   Examinations are conducted throughout the year and students are entered in batches. When an exam fee is requested please inform me if you will be out of the country etc. at any particular time of the year.

  Parents are expected to attend at least one class to observe their child's progress and note areas for improvement.

  Extra classes will be held before exams as often as possible prior to the exam, for no additional charge.

  Term fee and exam fee payments should be banked to the account number which will be provided.

  I train students primarily for London examinations. Students will be sent for CALSDA speech subjects only.