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What is "Elocution" ?
My thesis, "A Study of Elocution as a method of English Language Teaching in Sri Lanka" has been published.
It may be found on the Publications page.



Received Pronunciation (RP)
Listen to Regional Accents of England
Regional Accents of English in England
"Accent Neutralisation"
Non-Native Pronunciation of English
What is the "Best" Accent ?
English with Lucy


Drama and the Theatrical Arts

Acting 101
Wikipedia's Articles on Drama
Arts on the Move  
Bardweb Resources for William Shakespeare
Directing Theatre
Drama Resource
No Fear Shakespeare by Sparknotes
Learning about Shakespeare by Supersummary
Stage Makeup
BBC Radio 3 Speech and Drama  
Wikipedia's English | American Dramatists and Playwrights  
Drama Sri Lanka  
Production Basics
Shakespeare 400  
Set Design and Props Management
Sound Design
Stage Lighting
Stage Management
We Heart Drama
World of the Play


Grammar and Writing

Better Writing from the Oxford University Press  
British English vs. American English  
Online College Writing and Training Guide  
Grammar Exercises from the Oxford University Press  
Improve your Spelling from the Oxford University Press  
Wikipedia's Figures of Speech in English  
Guide to Grammar and Writing  
Michael Meyler's Mirisgala Dictionary of Sri Lankan English


Common Errors

Common Errors in English Usage
Words commonly confused
See also Mirisgala for 'Sri Lankan English' variants



Free E-Books of the Classics  
Children's Bookshelf on the Gutenberg project



British Council Colombo's Writeclique
BBC Poetry OutLoud
Wikipedia's Poetry


Children's Books
Nadishka Aloysius Books


Teaching Spoken English  
Phonetics of English speakers around the world  
BBC/British Council Phonemic Chart  
Advanced English Lessons  
Links for Students/Teachers of English as a Second Language