I enter students for one of two examinations boards every year.

Students are individually evaluated and graded according to their abilities, language skills and interests. I also consider exam requirements and exam board recommended age, and therefore students do not stay with one examination board through the years but instead may flow between the many subjects and grades on offer, for their own development in these disciplines (competencies). As I teach all the subjects, students are also able to gain a wider variety of skills.

I do not enter everyone in the class to the same grade for my convenience. Parents are welcome to discuss options with me, and I will provide professional advice on the best way forward.

Given here is an overview of the main subjects taught.

Students must be fluent speakers and capable performers of poetry, prose and drama who enjoy entertaining others. As grades progress they should also be imaginative, creative and show a love for literature.

Sometimes known as Oral Communication, Communication Skills and other similar names, students need to be fluent speakers with a vibrant personality and the ability to make connections with their audience. They learn to write speeches and handle social situations.


Since 2019 I DO NOT enter for Spoken English examinations.

(UNIVERSITY OF WEST LONDON) Speech and Drama - Performing and Teaching DIPLOMAS only

Speech and drama Performing text Communication skills Individual acting

Speech and Drama Public Speaking Acting